A portable and encrypted nextcloud client
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Encrypted Nextcloud Portable Client

This is a portable Nextcloud client that runs on Windows. At starttime a Batch file is executed and will prompt you for a password. On first run this will set your password to encrypt the Nextcloud client configuration (host, user, password) and the data stored in your portable Documents folder.


  1. Install 'nextcloudPortable_X.X-X.paf.exe' with PortableApps Plateform
  2. Run Nextcloud
  3. Enter a password
  4. Setup nextcloud
  5. Resume sync

Used software

Encrypted ownCloud Portable Client

https://github.com/BennyLi/encryptedOwnCloudPortableClient. Thanks to the author.


Currently packaged is the Nextcloud client version 2.3.3 from https://nextcloud.com/install/#install-clients.


For encrypted packaging a 7za.exe is included. This is the official portable one in version 16.04 from http://www.7-zip.org/download.html.

If you ask yourself if 7-Zip is secure enough, please reefer to http://security.stackexchange.com/questions/29375/is-7-zips-aes-encryption-just-as-secure-as-truecrypts-version.

Bat To Exe Converter

To convert the start.bat to .exe I used Bat To Exe Converter version from http://www.f2ko.de/en/b2e.php. Currently I need an .exe file because the PortableApps Launcher cannot handle .bat files with the WaitForEXEN setting.