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Galaxy down to atom voxel game
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Work in progress galaxy down to atom (mostly centimeter) online voxel game

Table of Contents

About The Project

Experimental project using OpenGL and Vulkan.

Built With

  • C++
  • OpenGL
  • Vulkan
  • ImGui
  • PicoQUIC
  • FasNoise2
  • Love and insomnia

Run it

Get a release compatible with your system window library or build it


  • OpenGL or Vulkan driver
  • OpenSSL 1.1+



Profit !


To get a local copy up and running, follow these simple steps.


  • C++17
  • CMake 3.11
  • System window headers (xorg-dev)
  • OpenGL, Vulkan and OpenSSL headers


  • Python: utility scripts
  • Tracy v0.7: profiling
  • glslc: build vk shaders
  • Imagemagick: build textures (convert jpg to png)
  • Compressonator: build textures (compress dds)
  • Doxygen, graphviz: generate documentation


  1. Clone the project repo
git lfs clone --recursive https://framagit.org/univerxel/univerxel.git
  1. Create build folder and move
mkdir build && cd build
  1. Setup CMake
cmake <options> ..

CMake options: -DKEY=VAL

Key Usage Default
CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE Level of optimization Release
PROFILING Tracy profiling 0
LOG_DEBUG Debug logs 0
LOG_TRACE Trace logs 0
IPO Link time optimisation 1
LD_GOLD Use gold linker 1
CCACHE Use code cache 1
NATIVE Optimize for native CPU 0
RENDER_VK Include Vulkan renderer 1
  1. Compile
cmake --build . --parallel --target <target>
Target Description
univerxel All in one
univerxel-server Standalone server
univerxel-client Light client
docs Doxygen documentation


  1. Recompile Vulkan shaders
cd resource/shaders-src
./compile.sh # Use glslc
GLSL="glslValidator -V" ./compile.sh # Other glslang compiler
  1. Rebuild textures
cd resource/textures-src
PACK=<name> ./compile.sh # Build texture pack dds


  1. Setup Visual Studio 2017+ with C++
  2. Clone picotls and picoquic in a separate directory
  3. Set %OPENSSL64DIR% and check WindowsPort.md and Readme.md note from respective library
  4. Compile then with MsBuild
  5. Copy picoquic.lib, picotls-openssl.lib and picotls-fusion.lib to build/libs
  6. Build univerxel with cmake -A x64 and MsBuild


See Features


Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for more information.


Shu - /me - me@wadza.fr

Public repository